The Mission believes that a significant need exists for innovative, accessible social sector education.  The pronounced growth in nonprofit organizations over the past decade, combined with increasingly overlapping boundaries between the public and private sector, has created a demand for excellence at the core of NGO leadership - board members and executive managers. will seek to provide world class course content for social sector executives via the Internet.  Strategic business and entrepreneurial classes will create a paradigm shift for NGO and include best practices in the areas of ROI Marketing, Executive Compensation, Creative Finance, Benchmarking, and Technology.  Content and service will be paramount, with support from leading Internet software technologies.'s content and instruction are provided by highly accomplished professionals from leading universities, consulting firms, and corporations. Faculty members play a significant role in creating course materials, delivering lectures, responding to students needs, and assessing impact.  Additionally, leading business school degree candidates have developed pioneering CyberCases to present cutting edge, application based instruction.