Education Innovation: A Paradigm Shift


One to One Service

Large Lectures

Goal is Dissemination of Information

Goal is to Teach a Process, Rites of Passage & Monopolize Time

Pre-Course Diagnostic Test

Open Enrollment

Automatic Grading & Immediate Testing Results

Manual Grading & Delayed Feedback

Customized, Adaptive Materials Based on Individual Abilities

Static, Predetermined Materials for Wide Range of Abilities

Recommended Strength-Building Resources & Activities

Assessment Limited to Corrections & Grades

Executive-Summarized Materials for Rapid Digestion

Executive Time Usurped With Volumes of Reading

24/7 Availability

Limited Schedule

Worldwide Access

Geographically Constrained

Content is Delivered via the Web or CDs

Content Generally Limited to Classroom Delivery

Student Profile Facilitates Networking

Networking is Random & Time-Consuming

Proactive Contact Facilitated

Proactive Contact Limited & Difficult

3-Year Post Class Learning Relationship

Limited Contact Beyond Classroom