ROI Marketing


Lecture Topics
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1 ROI Thinking: a Paradigm Shift?
Lesson 1: Measuring ROI: the Science of Marketing
Lesson 2: Accountability: People, Actions & Outcomes

2 Targeting the Niche: Strategic Micromarketing
Lesson 1: Identifying the Target
Lesson 2: Cultivating the Target

3 Harnessing Brand Power: Enhancing the Image
Lesson 1: Brand Equity - an Untapped Asset?
Lesson 2: Identity & Positioning Tools

4 Leveraging PR & Communication Opportunities
Lesson 1: Enhancing the "Halo" Effect
Lesson 2: Quantifying organizational impact

5 High Technology: The Internet as a Marketing Tool?
Lesson 1: Web presence with a maximum impact
Lesson 2: VC & Creative Finance Opportunities