Case Studies

UnitedU has partnered with MBA candidates from leading business schools, including Harvard, Stanford, and Kellogg, to develop a series of pioneering CyberCases on social sector management best practices:

for: CyberCases vs. Traditional Case Comparison

Case Topic
Key Wisdom Points

Course Use
Ad Council
Social Advertising ROI Practices (national; various media)

ROI Marketing
Traditional Organization's Transaction to New Technologies Contemporary Financial Engineering
Improved Yield from Rigorous selection Processes
Positive Impact of JV/Alliances with Other Orgs

AMA/College Board
For-Profit Subsidiaries Can Be Lucrative ROI Marketing
Leverage Brand to Compete With Commercial Entities
Attract Top Talent With Stock Options Contemporary Financial Engineering
Benefits of Leveraging Internet Technology Executive Compensation
Use of Untapped Asset

BirthRight Israel

Importance of Micromarketing/Segmentation

ROI Marketing
Leading Image/Brand Management Practices Contemporary Financial Engineering
Wise Allocation of Resources
Positive Impact of JV/Alliances with Other Orgs

Business School Initiatives -Harvard & Others

Comparison of Various Strategies
ROI Marketing
Attractive Economics from Subsidiary or JV Structures Contemporary Technology

Leverage Brand to Compete With Commercial Entities

Benefits of Leveraging Internet Technology Contemporary Financial Engineering
Use of Untapped Asset
Enhance Endowment via Stock Appreciation

Focus on the Family

Effective Marketing & Distribution ROI Marketing
Effective Segmentation (e.g. teens, teachers, single parents)
Effective Brand Management Strategy
Effective Use of Technology- new "webzine"
Effective Allocation of Resources, Possible Commercial Pursuits (e.g. JV's subsidiaries), Nonfundraising Revenues (e.g. subscription & radio/web/print advertising revs. etc)

Virtual Jerusalem

Effective Use of Technology to Further Mission

Contemporary Technology
Effective Use of Technology as marketing Tool ROI Marketing
Community Enhancement
Social Venture Capital

Increased Competition Between Nonprofits and For- Profits

Contemporary Financial Engineering
Benefits of Best Practices Applications Benchmarking
Attractive Economics of Social Investing Venture Capital
Intolerance for Nonprofit Performance Technology?
Benefits of Leveraging Internet Technology

CyberCases vs. Traditional Cases

Cyber Case Study

Traditional Case Study
Essential points very clear Essential points not obvious
No non-essential information Includes non-essential information
Written in executive summary format Written in lengthy, story format
Reading time= 15-20 minutes Reading time= 2-5 hours
1,500-2000 words/2-5 exhibits 5,000 words/5-8 exhibits
Designed for individual review Designed for team preparation & review
Alternate perspectives Alternate & singular perspectives
Macro issues Balance of micro & macro issues
Greater depth of understanding & information hyperlinks N/A
Contemporary information hyperlinks
-Company website
-Stock price
-Recent news articles
Linked table of contents N/A
Encouraged use of audio/visual links (e.g., radio & TV commercials N/A
Detailed site map N/A
Link to discussion forum N/A